Via Francigena

Foot operation becomes necessary

23. June 2018

I wake up at six in the morning. I am fully awake, but I could easily sleep on for four hours or more. But I can‘t. A pity. It was also a exciting night after Switzerland’s victory in the World Cup. And the Italians love the Swiss more than the Serbs and are happy with me. So I get up and soon I’m on my way by Shank‘s mare. Today I’m going to Pavia, a city with more than 70,000 inhabitants. Until today I didn’t even know it existed at all . Anyway, such a pilgrimage is also a second chance education. You can learn new something new every now and then. That keeps the brain cells alive.

Blister problem solved

The start this morning is not good. I can feel my huge blister on the heel bone and I could scream in pain with every step I take. On the way I meet a Pellegrino. He asks me what kind of problem I have and then tells me that this is easy to solve. A needle, two or three pricks into the blister to get rid of the fluid and then it’s fine. I don’t really know. The blister is certainly three by four centimeters. In any case, I decide to end this day‘s walking and to thumb a lift. After a short time a nice young man takes me to Pavia.

Needles and blisters

After checking in at my accommodation I ask the landlord for a pin. He gets me one and I operate on myself. Very unpleasant, but it takes effect. Only two hours later it feels much better. Now I hope that it stays like this and I can walk in my usual fashion. For these reasons my photo material is limited today. I hope you forgive me once again.