Via Francigena

Burglar and a clumsy fellow

22. June 2018

Well, meanwhile it‘s a given fact that I am considered a clumsy fellow in the pilgrims‘ world. Yesterday I once again provided material for the envious among my followers. In my own best interest I probably should not report it. But I’ll tell you anyway, then you might have something to smile about. After I wrote my daily report in a cafe, I return to my pretty Albergo in the evening. I got two keys, one for the main entrance, the other for the room. So into the shack, it was still open and up to my room. Put the key in and turn it. That was a bit difficult, so I move it a bit back and forth and suddenly I only have half of the key in my hand – the other part broke off and got stuck in the lock. It was simply the wrong key. Super Hubs. I always say “Think twice” to our dog Oscar when he has his moments….

The hotel keeper as burglar

Down to the hotel keeper. Short confession, five times „ I‘m so sorry“. He says „That‘s no problem at all“, and follows me to the room. Armed with a screwdriver, tweezers and wire, he removes the lock and five minutes later, I am allowed back into my room. I am quite happy, because I did not think that this could be so easy. But I guess I have to reassess the security aspect of this house.

Pilgrimage to Gropello

In the morning, despite having been allowed to stay until noon, I am already awake shortly after eight and pack up. Then I set out. First to Mortara Sant’Albino, a former monastery. Unfortunately the church is closed and I continue my pilgrimage without blessing. Today, of course, I’m going through the notorious rice and corn fields again. Soon I skip a sign and once again I am on the road as a stowaway. So I take to the country road for a few kilometers. Not really awesome, but all roads lead to Rome. At some point I find my way back to the official route and soon I walk throughTromello. Right outside the village Paolo, the official pilgrim assistant of the Via Francigena, is waiting for me. He guides me safely through the village. From here it is still about ten kilometers to Gropello Cairoli – my goal for today. the road is dragging on. The blister on my right foot just won’t go away and has been hindering me for almost a week. Really disgusting. But as a Pellegrino on duty, you have to stand that, too.