Via Francigena

Limping through the landscape

25. June 2018

After a boring and slightly depressive Sunday, I continue today. My foot is well taped and off through the city. But it is not that easy today. My foot hurts and I limp more than I walk. Actually, it is only a minor issue. But such a small thing can be very annoying and painful. But I have to continue and I cannot take another day off. This is not good for me psychologically. So I decide to suffer a little physically. The aim is to walk at least 15 kilometers so that I am tired in the evening.

Italy in Chinese hands

It is a rather boring stage, there is not much going on except for fields and a few churches worth seeing. On the way I stop for a coffee and a cornetto. Interesting, many bars and cafes are run by Chinese people. And they seem to be well integrated, because there are many Italian guests. So I trudge on and reflect about myself. It is unbelievable what an uneventful day can trigger in me. It can’t be that you fall into desperation because of a blister. But today I will fight my way out of it – albeit with pain. After about 15 kilometers and five hours… I reach the aim in Belgioioso, a village with a castle and of course several churches. I’m glad to have arrived, because it was really unbearable for the pilgrimage.

Chatting with a pilgrim couple

After my arrival in Belgioioso, I first go to a bar and order a coke and an espresso. Next to me there is a couple, a pilgrim couple. We start talking and it turns out that they are walking in the opposite direction, from Rome to home – to Holland. Interestingly enough, they buy their clothes in Imst at Gottsteins. We exchange our business cards. You never know, maybe we stay in touch.