Via Francigena

Pilgrimage through beautiful scenery

26. June 2018

Strangely enough, I don’t meet a single pilgrim today. I am really the only one on the road. And once it is a wonderful, beautiful day – a lot of sun and only 35 degrees . Really convenient for a pilgrimage. After the experiences of the past days I enjoy the peace and quietness. It is a wonderful way today. The route leads mainly over field paths through the open landscape. My foot has also recovered a little and doesn’t hurt as much as it did in the last days. You can really draw hope from that.

First hills on the horizon

After the first few kilometers which I cover quickly, I come to a huge sand mine. There I really get lost. At some point an employee of the plant kicks me out and I quicken my pace to get out of this dusty hole. I continue through a really beautiful landscape. In the distance you can already see the first hills of Emilia Romagna. The endlessly long paths through the Po Valley will soon be over.

Trouble with my host

Soon I arrive in Miradolo Terme. I booked the hotel yesterday. Now I am at the reception and there is no room available. How can this be? That makes me pretty angry and I give him a piece of my mind. He doesn’t find that really funny and kicks me out of the hotel. But I did make a reservation and no mistake. strange… In the next village a bar owner helps me and arranges a Bed & Breakfast for me. Beautiful, big, well located, but for 40 euro not really cheap. But after an odyssey of 25 kilometers I don’t care. Tomorrow I will continue my trip towards the Po, maybe as far as Piacenza. That would easily be 30 kilometers. Including a longer boat trip across the river.