Via Francigena

Washing day and easy way to Piacenza

28. June 2018

My accommodation is really not that great, despite the beautiful place at the riverside. A shared room, which I have for myself . But it’s pretty messy. The floor is dirty and shower and toilet are brown. So I do without a shower and lie down in my clothes in my sleeping bag. The boss here is really nice, but unfortunately he is not so keen on cleanliness. Anyway, today I go to Piacenza. The goal is to get my clothes in shape and to do a bit of sightseeing in town.

Easy 15 kilometers

So it‘s an early start. Already at nine o’clock I start and enjoy the wonderful landscape. I continue along the dam of the Po and soon I reach Piacenza. A pretty cool town. There is something going on here. And it is not even the weekend. On the way I meet some Pellegrini, who are also on their way to Rome. Everyone is in a good mood today. That rubs off on me too. After yesterday’s long killer stage, I’m glad that it’s a little more relaxed today. By the way, I have received reactions to my criticism of the ferryman. But the episode really happened as I reported. I had booked an accommodation, but because of the longer distance it was not possible to get there. When I book something, I want to be able to stick to my plans and be reliable.

Washing day in Piacenza

Already at noon I arrive in Piacenza and move into my room. Fortunately the landlady is not angry with me about yesterday. A nice place in an old mansion for 30 euro. That‘s okay. First of all, a thorough cleaning of my humble self is due. Afterwards it is time for the laundromat. It is always great to visit these places. As a Pellegrino you get to know the most amazing people here. All the ladies are eager to help you. As if I didn’t know how to operate a washing machine. Of course I like to be helped. No wonder there are so many gigolos here. Once I read that many couples in Italy meet in these enchanted intimate places. So as a single you should not necessarily buy a washing machine for your home, but rather visit the laundromat to flirt a little. But fortunately I have my love at home and a washing machine on top.