Via Francigena

The sun is on my side

29. June 2018

In the morning I am on my way early. I leave already just shortly after eight o’clock. Today’s destination is called Fiorenzuola d’Arda. A march of more than 32 kilometers is waiting for me. It is already quite warm in the morning. But that will get worse. In the afternoon it is a good 38 degrees. AI the beginning the way leads out of the city. The stage doesn’t have much to offer and I make sure that I’m on my way quickly. This is one of the last flat stages for the next time. Only tomorrow there will be a flat section before the stage really starts to get steeper. When I arrive I am pretty much tired out. Too much sun, too much heat. And then the search for a hotel. An older gentleman leads me through half of the city and shows me an Albergo. Very nice. So you always have nice experiences on a pilgrimage.

A gospel concert

Yesterday I spent a peaceful evening. Watchinga soccer game for a while, writing a bit and all the other little things you can do. On the way to my room I hear loud music from far away. At the church I find what I’m looking for. A gospel concert is taking place there. It is already 10 o’clock in the evening and I listen for a little bit longer. That‘s special. Gospel in the church is cool. A really nice end of the day.

Many thanks to my readers

By the way, I would like to thank you all. It is invaluable for me to receive so many comments on my pilgrimage. Again and again I am happy to see how many people are interested in my blog. Since I haven’t made much progress in the past years, this is a great joy and motivation for me. And as I said before: suggestions for improvement are welcome, criticism as well. Thank you very much.