Via Francigena

Hot days in the mountains

3. July 2018

You must have been surprised not to have heard from me in the past days. But it is not always easy. The day before yesterday I had to take an unplanned day of rest due to lack of accommodation. Yesterday I finally left and walked about 25 kilometers. I also had a beautiful accommodation – in the mountains and completely solitary. And without internet. That was the main problem in the past days. No idea why this doesn’t work here. At home we live in really luxurious conditions.

Back in the mountains

Yesterday and today the topography has changed a lot. Instead of just walking flat terrain, this is really and truly getting it out from me. It‘s a tough uphill battle. About 800 meters are not to be sneezed at. But tomorrow I’m going even further uphill. Almost 1000 meters of altitude – that sounds almost like a mountain stage. I will master that too.

A pilgrim named Lucca

On the way I meet of course once again a pilgrim. His name is Lucca and he is on a short visit on the pilgrimage. He also suffers from the heat and therefore always starts at six in the morning. Brave, this guy. Unfortunately this is not my time of day. I don’t know, I never minded the heat in the past. But for some time now I suffer. This probably has something to do with my mental condition. Possibly. Anyway, the important thing is that I go my way every day. In addition, I am thinking about travelling by train to meet my two pilgrim ladies and continue my journey with them. But now it is over and out for today. I am now looking for a television set for the World Cup match Switzerland. Hopefully we will win.