Via Francigena

Good food and a nice landlady

6. July 2018

Yesterday‘s hardships were compensated by an evening in Petremoli. When you are on a pilgrimage, good food works miracles. The town is really nice and lively. People are sitting in bars enjoying their Aperos. Anyway, I go back to my room quite early, because I have to do my laundry. The landlady of my Bed and Breakfast has started the washing machine – for free. Super nice! This came on top of a very good price for the room plus sweetie plus watermelon…

Body and mind – both hurt

In the morning I start for Aulla. The decision to take that direction came yesterday. Anyway, I take the bicycle-route, which my guide recommends also. The distance is definitely shorter, but there is a lot of traffic along those countryroads. My legs and feet hurt, and I don‘t feel that well today – both physically and mentally. Just before I reach Villafranca the rain sets in. As I limp along I take a decision. There is a train connection from Villafranca to Aulla. I cannot cancel the reservation of my Albergo, because I did it via There is no point in just continuing, running out of steam, if it‘s not your day. That‘s not good for my soul. In the end I‘m going on this pilgrimage Via Francigena for me and myself.

Restart tomorrow

When I arrive at the railway station in Aulla, I tackle the last two kilometers to the Albergo in the middle of the town. Even from a distance I can see that Aulla is celebrating. There is a streetfood festival taking place. The food stalls are being prepared for the big rush, and I‘m looking forward to the party tonight.